These before and after pictures show actual results!
(We have not enhanced or "doctored" these photos in any way.)

Click here to watch a video of the Turbo in action!

This first picture was taken during the cleaning of a residential kitchen. The homeowner had recently spent hours on her knees scrubbing with harsh chemicals.

The owner of this floor scubbed it on "hands & knees every week. Grout is very porous. Dirt & grime gets embedded in the grout over time and periodically needs a deep down cleaning.

The next picture was taken in the locker room of a foundry. The floor had years of grease and grime ground into the heavily textured floor.

This is a slate floor from the 60's. It had years and years of wax build-up. We stripped it, cleaned it and applied a stone enhancer. It looks like a new updated floor!

Here's a fast food restaurant floor. They thought the grout was supposed to be black!