Apex Floor Coating

Using the Apex Floor Coating system is a better way to keep floors looking like they were just finished without the hassles, equipment, chemicals and environmental impact.

Apex provides many features and benefits.

Low Maintenance - No buffing, burnishing or stripping required.

Environmentally Preferred - Zero VOCs and more than 50 percent less waste of chemicals, water and energy.

Improved Safety - High slip resistance, exceeds ADA and OSHA standards.

Longer Life-cycle - Consistent shine without having to buff or add finish coats throughout the life-cycle.

Microbial and Infection Control - Inhibits growth of bacteria and mold.

Improved Indoor Air Quality - Zero VOCs and no buffing means less dust particles and better air quality.

Reduced Total Cost - Less maintenance and equipment needs means less labor and expense over time.

Easier cleaning - Repels marks and stains, mops easily and requires less chemicals to keep clean.

High slip resistance (SCOF of 0.70 or greater)

Reduce chemical, water and energy waste, while
improving indoor air quality.

Designed for many flooring surfaces such as:

* VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile)
* Luxury vinyl (tiles, planks or sheets)
* Sheet vinyl
* Linoleum
* Rubber
* Terrazzo
* And more...

Great for a variety of facilities such as:

* Health Care Facilities
* Universities and Schools
* Churches
* Pet Clinics
* Office Buildings
* Retail Shops
* And more...

Want more information on how to become a factory certified Apex installer or distributor? Call 320-250-1121 or e-mail tim@turbofloorrestore.com US and international contractors welcome.

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Apex coating on paver tile

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